Spirituality.com: - Dedicated to helping people who are searching for a better way to live healthy, happy, spiritual lives.
GodsHope: - GodsHope is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating all human beings, specially children, that the word of God, prayer, love, and hope, will put you on the path that will create “heaven on earth” now. Enriched with knowledge, all people will grow to become positive role models in our society and help create a world blessed with love and harmony.
One Spirit: - This is a New Age web site created by our Metaphysics Study Group sponsored by the Church of the Great Spirit, a church without walls, nestled under Mother Earth’s Pines, caressed by the Four Directions, and kissed by the light of Grandmother Moon.
Finding God in Cyberspace: - A guide to religious studies resources on the internet.

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